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Dear All City Paving Crew: We would like to thank you for the excellent job you did on our parking lot. We know it was cold, wet and windy that day. However, you showed up and worked hard and we appreciate that. In the future, we will not hesitate to refer All City Paving to our friends and/or business associates.

Sincerely yours,

Cliff & Mary Friesen

Parking Lot, Blue Elephant Car Wash, Salem OR

Dear Troy,
Pam and I wish to sincerely thank you for the wonderful new patio and water feature that your company provided to us in the past few days. We were thoroughly impressed with your team of workers and the speed and precision with which they performed their work. It was a pleasure to watch them build the patio and water feature exactly as we wanted it. Even though the weather was uncooperative, rainy and cold, your team finished the job in a short five days. We also appreciate the thorough clean up of the entire area once the job was completed.

Rest assured that we would recommend your company to our friends and neighbors. Some of our neighbors have already seen your work and were very impressed with the quality of the entire job.

Best regards,

Klaus and Pam Lachmann, Beaverton, OR

Patio and water feature, Home Owners

All City Paving & Hardscape, I just wanted to thank you for putting down the pavers and laying the Black top – I’m so pleased with both! The crew on the pavers were a fast and hard working crew. It was wonderful to be able to communicate with them. If I had a question they were able to answer it. The Black top crew were just as hard working and efficient. Troy, you are very lucky to have such a good group of men working for you.

Thanks again,

Cathy & Wayne Austin, Salem, OR

Home & Business Owners

Dear Troy, You recently terraced our backyard with paving stones. Your work crew was fantastic! In three days, six workers went from site preparation to finished product. They worked long days, were polite, quiet and protective of our existing landscaping. All tools were washed down and stacked away nightly. Even our yard gate was locked! Raw materials were stacked curbside, and hard carried or wheel barreled into the back. Post project cleanup was superb – they picked up, swept up and washed down our driveway and street. There’s not a mark or scratch anywhere from their work. This is the best crew I’ve ever had. Please thank them for us!
Cathy, Lake Oswego, OR

Terraced backyard & paving stones, Home Owner

Troy, I wanted to thank you and your company for the work that you recently completed at my home. I had this vision in my head what my back yard would look like when the project was completed. I must say that your company exceeded all my expectations. I am very happy and excited about the results of my back yard.

Your crew are exceptional workers. They did everything possible to make sure that my yard turned out the way I expected. If I can help with recommendations or anything in the future, please call me for a reference. Again, the yard is perfect.

Thank you,

Guy Colby, Portland, OR

Home Owner

To Troy & Staff, Thanks to all of you for making my home beautiful again. I’ve received so many wonderful compliments. I even see people stop and take pictures!
Laura, Salem, OR

Home Owner

Troy & Crew, Please allow us to tell you what a superb job your workers did on our patio removal + replacement recently. The exceptional workmanship quality, the speed with which the job was done, the care taken not to damage landscaping, pavement, etc. excelled any other contractors/subs we have had do work for us over the years. We also greatly appreciate the thorough clean-up & the pleasant cooperative attitude of all your employees, and look forward to doing more business with you. The word will get out to everyone we talk to.


Rex & Carolyn, Salem, OR

Patio Replacement, Home Owners